About Us 

We offer a multi-tiered approach to drug counseling that combines TGGRS protocols and more familiar talk therapy, with ancient healing practices such as therapeutic massage.


We embrace an anti-craving methodology known as TGGRS (Third Generation Genetic Recovery System). We have observed that  those who have undergone TGGRS protocols experience greater clarity in thinking and reduced symptoms of withdrawal, which allows them to be active participants in their treatment and recovery program.

TGGRS and Other Protocols

Traditional methods still have their place in treating a variety of addictions. By utilizing a strategic blend of TGGRS protocols with conventional treatments, we feel that we have created one of the leading recovery programs in the nation. Managing addiction involves not only healing from the physical influences of drugs but embracing a comprehensive plan that examines the psychological, emotional and behavioral ramifications of addiction. By adopting this unique methodology, we believe that we offer our patients the most effective recovery tools for addiction management.

The Results

Our treatment philosophy provides the patient with the first-rate skills that he or she needs to effectively handle the addiction.

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight; therefore, treatment for substance abuse is not a rapid process. Although recovery is possible, it takes time. We strongly encourage patients to embrace continued support and Group Therapy programs.   While we are not a 12-Step rehabilitation program, we will assist those patients that wish to enhance their healing and growth through these methods.

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