Addiction Treatments

Do You or A Loved One Have a Problem with a Substance?

When it comes to drugs or alcohol,
how do you know if your behavior has
crossed the line from use into addiction?

Many people who abuse chemical substances and have a dependency on alcohol or other drugs (both prescription and illicit) are in denial about their condition. The following seven signs can indicate whether you are in danger of becoming, or are currently, an addict:

  • You have poor impulse control. You find yourself saying more frequently: “Just one more hit” or “Just one more glass.”
  • You continue the behavior (whether it’s drugs or alcohol), in spite of knowing how harmful these substances can be, and you often try to minimize the impact on your health and wellbeing.
  • An excessive amount of time is spent obtaining alcohol or any other drug and recovering from the behavior after the effects have worn off.
  • You often find yourself engaging in this behavior when you should be at work or school.
  • It takes more of a given substance, over a longer period of time, for you to reach the desired effect.
  • You find yourself withdrawing from family and friends in pursuit of this behavior.
  • You often feel anxious, restless or aggressive if you are unable to engage in the behavior.

Don't Give Up

The above are only a guideline to determine if you’re at risk for developing, or may currently have, an addiction. Only a qualified health professional can diagnose you and confirm if you have a dependency on drugs and or alcohol and prescribe a treatment plan. If you’ve you do indeed have a chemical dependency problem, don’t despair. There is hope!

An Ongoing Battle

Our trained medical professionals offer an innovative drug and alcohol recovery program complete with TGGRS (Third Generation Genetic Recovery System). We feel that we have an unmatched I.V. infusion protocol and that we provide highly beneficial state of the art technology for the successful management of addiction. We were the first clinic in the United States to incorporate the TGGRS formula for the treatment of genetic and environmental addictions.

If you or a loved one suffers from alcohol and/or other drug addiction, it’s time to come out of the shadows.
Reach out for help now and take charge of your recovery!

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