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DUI/DWAI Education and Therapy is currently available at our Denver office located at:

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Our NEW location in Lone Tree in the Conifer Building in the Sky Ridge Medical Plaza:

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The State of Colorado cracks down hard on people who operate a motor vehicle under the influence.

If you receive a DUI/DWAI (Driving under the Influence/Driving While Ability Impaired) ticket in Colorado, you must register for and successfully complete an ADAD/OBH-certified DUI/DWAI program before you can legally get back behind the wheel. Treatment is based on your driving history and blood-alcohol content (BAC) at the time you were arrested. Enroll in one of our DUI classes serving Littleton, Englewood, Lakewood, Centennial, and Aurora, CO today to complete your program.






10:00 am to 8:00 pm


LEVEL I Alcohol Classes in Denver, CO

This program is for first-time offenders, with a blood-alcohol content lower than.10.

  • Each two hour session is $30 and ranges from two to nine hours per week.
  • Intake requires $70.00 and must be completed prior to all Level I and EOP/IOP/MIP Classes in Colorado.

It pays to complete your intake as soon as possible to increase your likelihood of getting into your preferred class. Spaces are limited, so don’t wait until the week before the class to register!

The following curriculum highlighted below provides a outline of the proper groups that must be attended according the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health.

Level II Alcohol Classes & Treatment Track Curriculum in Denver, CO:

  • TRACK A/ Education plus 42 hours of Level II Therapy. First-Time Offense/ Moderate blood alcohol content (Between .10-.149 BAC)

  • TRACK B/ Education plus 52 hours of Level II Therapy. First-Time Offense/ High blood alcohol content (Over .15 BAC)

  • TRACK C/ Education plus 68 hours of Level II Therapy. Prior Offenses/Moderate blood alcohol content (Between .10-.149 BAC)

  • TRACK D/ Education plus 86 hours of Level II Therapy. Prior Offenses/High blood alcohol content (Above a .15 BAC)

Pricing for DUI/DWAI/EOP/IOP Alcohol Classes in Denver, CO:

  • Intake/Discharge –Intake $35.00/ Discharge $35.00 (Must be paid upfront)

Evaluation of data/testing, treatment planning, monthly reports to probation officers, discharge planning and completion report to probation officers.

  • Group manual “Driving with Care” -$25.00

TOTAL CLASS PRICING: (Discounts on payment in full.)

  • Level I Education ($30.00 per 2-hour session); 12 hours (6 sessions) -$180.00
  • Level II Education ($30.00 per 2-hour session); 24 hours (12 sessions) -$360.00
  • Level II Therapy ($30.00 per 2-hour session); 42 hours (21 sessions) – $630.00
  • Level II Therapy ($30.00 per 2-hour session); 52 hours (26 sessions) – $780.00
  • Level II Therapy ($30.00 per 2-hour session); 68 hours (34 sessions) – $1020.00
  • Level II Therapy ($30.00 per 2-hour session); 86 hours (43 sessions) – $1290.00
  • Random Monitored Breath Test Program – $20.00 per month monitoring fee. Each breath test is $5.00 to $10.00 per breath test depending on quantity required.
  • Random Monitored Urinalysis Program – $20.00 per month monitoring fee. Each UA test is $25.00 to $35.00 per test. $25.00 for a 7 panel or $35.00 for an ETG.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, reduced fees are available for this program. There is a $10.00 fee for each unexcused absence. Each missed absence fee paid will be credited back to you when you show up for the make up group for that class. The above pricing structure represents an estimate of treatment cost and the actual cost may be higher or lower, depending on your treatment needs as determined by your counselor and/or probation officer/evaluator and/or the requirements of the court/treatment program. No refunds are given for any reason.

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