Sixteen Day Program With Three Month Aftercare

Sixteen Individual I.V. Infusion Treatments and Three Months of Aftercare

Medical History and Physical

Performed by our Medical Director for I.V. TGGRS Therapy Prescriptions and other detoxification medications.

I.V. TGGRS Therapy

You will receive 10 Treatments (The program includes 6 free booster I.V.’s administered over a 30 day period or 16 treatments total)


You will receive 4 (1 hour units of each of the modalities).


1 (1.5 hour session)

Venipuncture and full blood labs

Individualized ordered Lab Series by our Medical Staff

Custom Maintenance Oral Formula

4 Bottles/Boxes purchased. (One bottle or weekly medication box refill per week for 4 weeks)

Relapse Prevention Groups

Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 1:00pm to 2:00pm

1 on 1 Private Counseling

Evaluation (1 session) + 3 individual sessions

Case Management

Evaluation (1 session) + 3 individual sessions

Monitored Sobriety

You will receive monitored sobriety during the first 60 days of treatment. After that period, monitoring will occur 3 to 4 times a month for the duration of the 6 month program.

Neurotransmitter testing

To be administered and interpreted in order to insure proper customization of TGGRS formula.

EMDR/ Biofeedback/ Life Coaching

Evaluation (1 session) + 3 individual sessions

(For every 30 days of sobriety, an additional I.V. will be administered at no additional cost to the patient for a period 3 months.) Relapse Prevention group aftercare must be attended for 3 months at least once per week. If Relapse Prevention Group is missed, complimentary I.V formula is forfeited. A clean UA must be passed to resume I.V Formula for remaining 3 months total aftercare program.

Additional options with medical detox:

  • Residential Stay: $100/day
  • Supervision:   $150/day
  • Bkfst/Dinners during Treatment: $23/day
  • Suboxone Taper:  $500
  • Additional Infusions  
  • Insurance Billing (Xynex) $500  

    Additional Infusion Option Prices:

    • $125 per 1 hr of Glutathione Infusion
    • $125 per 1 hr of I.V. and Vitamin C Infusion
    • $125 per 2 hr Carnitine Infusion
    • $225 per 1 hr Alpha GPC Infusion
    • $2,250 per 13 (1 hr) Alpha GPC Infusions
    • $4,440 for 13 (2 hr) infusions (TGGRS formula)

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    I agree to pay all of the above fees in full. We will not issue refunds of monies paid for any reason. I agree to not conduct any charge backs for any services if a credit card is used for payment.  All cancellations of modalities require 24 hrs. notification, otherwise, that treatment will be forfeited. In order to receive reimbursement from my insurance company, I understand that it is my responsibility to submit the necessary paperwork and do all required follow-ups. If the treatment center agrees to bill your insurance carrier, you will incur an additional $500.00 fee listed above that goes directly to an outside company for submitting claims.  However, it is still the responsibility of the patient to do any or all follow-ups with your insurance carrier. I agree that if I’m under the influence of a mind altering substance, this contract is valid because we are a medical detox facility designed to provide safe and timely patient care.