At Treatment Centers XL, we stand behind our unique treatment program. Clients, as well as their loved ones have embraced our results-driven techniques and protocols. The following testimonials come directly from a sample of clients who have greatly benefited from our exclusive formulas and experienced a richer, fuller, drug-free existence.


We believe that a strategic incorporation of conventional practices and methods along with our amino acid protocols is the best approach for managing the complexities of the addiction recovery process.


“Treatment Centers XL has changed my recovery path and better trained me to maintain my new found sobriety! By balancing out my brain chemistry after years of drug use it was easier to feel that natural happiness and the smog of depression was lifted. I was over two months clean when I started the treatment, and the change in my happiness was night and day."

“This program has helped me establish a foundation for my life to be drug and alcohol free. Helped me reprogram my brain chemically and develop skills and techniques to maintain a beneficial life.”

“After years of struggling with insomnia and depression and obtaining mixed results (at best) from prescription valium, sleep meds and anti-depressants, my depression worsened in early 2014. With no reason to expect anything but more of the same results from conventional medicine, I turned to Treatment Centers XL for help."

"The honeymoon lasted for 7 days, then the insomnia returned, and the next three weeks were pretty rough. However, rather than giving me the usual (insomnia) b.s. about counseling, sleep hygiene, etc., and/or trying to put me back on sleep meds, the folks at XL worked with me to adjust my amino acid supplements. As a result, my sleep steadily improved to the point where I’ve consistently slept well for several weeks now. Recovery from the effects of long-term valium use is an imposing proposition, but my mental focus, clarity and memory have improved dramatically as well."

"Going with Treatment Centers XL is the best decision I’ve ever made. They literally gave me my life back. I’m still amazed at what a dramatic, transformational experience this has been. It’s been three months and still – WOW! I’m still getting used to feeling good again!”

The testimonials below are from questionnaires filled out by actual patients of Treatment Centers XL - in response to the query: "Describe how intravenous treatments affected your state of mind and your addictive behavior?"

  • I actually have nothing but wonderful things to say about your staff. They were wonderful, and your treatments helped to bring about a greater sense of clarity and focus. My cravings are almost non-existent!” TL, day 12
  • Your program is my first substance abuse therapy and the response has been nothing short of a miracle. This treatment program is much better than going cold turkey, and it has been highly effective and empowering!” EF, day 10
  • At first, I was skeptical about how effective I.V. treatment would be. After a few short weeks, my life has done a 180-turn. I now have more interest in the things that once gave me pleasure before my alcohol addiction. For example, I recently flew my helicopter for the first time in four months! I am able to watch my children at baseball practice instead of making a bee-line to the bar. I feel like living again.
  • I haven’t experienced any cravings for alcohol. Cigarettes now stink and taste bad to me! I am experiencing a greater level of concentration and energy
  • I am upbeat and happy. A few thoughts about alcohol tried to creep into my mind, but I haven’t had any real desire to purchase or consume. I feel a sense of peace.
  • I am a more open, empathetic and caring person and am able to communicate better with others. My life has improved in every area, and I am demonstrating more patience and open-mindedness.
  • For the first time in years, I am peaceful and I love my new life!

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